Friday, September 18, 2009

friday five #02

01. "home" by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros - seriously, you need to listen to this song now. it makes my heart so happy and at times, i even giggle while listening to it. a.) it's catchy as eff b.) who doesn't love singing along in an accent? and c.) well i never have a "c" but you get the point. listen. love. get addicted. especially since this song is ripe for commercial use and i'm sure it will be overplayed and hated on soon enough, so love it while you can!

02. night owl paper goods - i got hooked on this little company back when kristina put their wood hello card in her sis kit, and when they came out with a wood calendar at last years stationary show i def swooned a little bit. well, this years stationary show has come and gone and night owl has graced us with another awesome release! my favorites this time around are their new "hybrid" cards that combine their printing on wood and scrumptious letterpress, like the otter one up there that says "thought i otter say thanks !" i die. also love the "2010 critter calendar" those are all printed on sustainably harvested wood! and their new calling card/place cards are making me wish i threw dinner parties on the regular!

03. empanada mama - ohmygodsoyum!!! kerry and i had lunch at this place monday afternoon before i caught my train back to jersey and it was unbelievable! we got 4 or 5 empanadas each and pretty much went to town. my favorites were the brasil & regaeton. unbelievable. (p.s. those are their catering prices, not per empanada, haha) i definitely want to go back and try like everything they make, and maybe even manage to save room for a dessert empanada next time.

04. - show/concert posters have come a long way from those high school show flyers and are an art form all of their own these days. i have this one hanging over my bed, and it's one of my favorites. this is the perfect place to search posters for shows you've been to, be inspired by amazing art, screenprinting & such and you can even buy some of the posters on the site. you can also find rad new bands to love on by searching the posters of some of your favorite bands to see who they've played with and then give them a try!

05. worlds colliding - one of the drawbacks of having close friends who live far away is that they don't get to meet each other often! but since kerry was in nyc for a wedding when i was in brooklyn to visit k we got to all hang out, and i love that they love each other! we got to party on the roof top, have brunch, talk about boys, walk chloe, go shopping and partake in the worlds largest burritos! plus, obviously we had to make the walk to bushwick country club for photobooth time!


cheiron said...

I just LOVE Empanada Mama! You need to try the dessert ones, especially the guava..thanks for all this fun inspiration.

cococricketsmama said...

ed sharpe is great!! reminds me of something a long time ago...
and photobooths are the best!!!