Thursday, September 17, 2009


i am constantly dragging stuff into iphoto for future perusal in times of dire lack of inspiration. sometimes i will find an image in there that i had completely forgotten about, but more often than not, these images live in the very corners of my creative mind for a little bit and then sneak up on me in a new, surprising form. these four lovelies are serving as major inspiration for a non-scrappy, but still crafty project that is spinning around my head right now. the colors, tones, textures, imagery and soft light that you just want to sink into will all hopefully come together into something really pretty.

p.s. the only downfall to the click & drag and my complete lack of iphoto understanding is that i don't know where these came from, other than that necklace which you can buy here. so let me know if you recognize where any of these are from and i will credit them.


jamaica said...

lovely. the bottom right... so dreamy.

how about tumblr instead? it'll remember who/where it's from for you. i used to save photos to an inspiration folder on my desktop but just like you couldn't remember where they ever came from.

Knoxville Senior Portraits said...

beautiful - love the color combo
dreamy and dramatic all at ONCE double D