Tuesday, October 13, 2009

falling leaves & an autumn breeze

so thanks to a little help from cosmo cricket's adorable woodgrain from their new "nutmeg" collection, which i just put out today in the soon-ish to be re-opened store, i bring you my official autumn mix. i'm slightly bummed because i realized that i included some tracks from my mix for the dares, but they still hold. let me know what you think!

in the mean time it's a combination of unpacking at the new store & packing at home for my austin trip and i'm feelin' it!


k said...

i hate to say this but i believe my mixes are beginning to parallel the brilliant morgan playlists... i'm like your mixtape protoge! i def have at least 3 of these songs floating around right now... i love it. hone my skills, playlist master!

Lauren said...

Great Mix, I make autumn mixes myself, favorite time of year !