Sunday, October 11, 2009

friday five #05 - the oops! it's sunday edition

01. harvest moon - so far this item on my fall to do list is going well, haha. i tried a few different pumpkin/fall beers this week, but harvest moon is still my favorite so far, and of course i forget the name of the one i had at royal tavern in philly that was a close second, but i'm sure i can remedy that sometime soon.

02. glee - seriously, still not over loving this show. there was a bum episode, but kurt hummel saved it. also, i feel bad for any other drivers on 78 west when i'm heading into work and singing/dancing/tearing up to the glee version of "don't stop believin" on my way in to work.

03. farm stands - i love stopping at local farm stands on my way to visit people. peaches, jersey sweet corn, honeycrisp apples & of course pumpkins make the best gifts! plus, we have to support the local, family run small farms to keep them around, or pretty soon there will be no more family farms in the garden state!

04. nylon guys - if you subscribe to/ready nylon, you should really hop on this train too. it's the same writers as nylon, they always put a dude we all love on the cover (jason schwartzman, adam brody and of course my fave joseph gordon-levitt up there), there's great stuff about travel, tech, music & such and you only have to deal with a few articles about chicks man!

05. re-designing cards - i've been feeling slightly creatively un-productive as of late, so to kick start the process i've been re-do'ing past cards that i love with current paper & stamps. i highly recommend it as a way to get making stuff! and speaking of making stuff, i'm going to get back to my to do list!

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