Friday, October 2, 2009

friday five #04

01. "meet me on the equinox" by death cab for cutie - so apparently this is a new single from death cab that's going to be on the new moon movie soundtrack. i really dig it's cozy fall feel, and it's def making it onto my newest autumn mix. i find the death cab "fans" who are upset that they are going to be on a twilight movie soundtrack amusing. here's a clue peeps; a. a band doesn't belong to just you. b. new fans are good and c. the people doing the complaining were most likely the "teeny bopper element" at death cab shows that occurred post o.c.! let's all deal with the natural development of band, k? let's be happy for their continued success.

02. all across bangs - i've got 'em. they are now close to the perfect length. i dig 'em.

03. class ideas - one of my favorite parts of teaching is when the class ideas are free-flowing and i can't wait to get my hands on the product to make samples! i'll be working on designing my "maximizing your 6X6 paper pads with eskimo kisses" this weekend and then a bunch of mini albums for the next few months as soon as some things come in, like that fun new "nutmeg" collection paper up there from cosmo cricket. i die.

04. my new pumas - the colors are obnoxious and scrumptious all at the same time. i finally have sneakers with actual support again. double win. now i just have to get rid of the tennis ball yellow shoelaces and we're in business.

05. bored to death on hbo - so other than the fact that super white haired ted danson freaks me out, i am loving this show so far. jason schwartzman plays a blocked up writer who can't get anywhere with his second novel, so he turns to solving crimes as an unlicensed private investigator via craigslist while pining away for his recently moved out ex & getting into trouble with his dude friend played by zach galifianakis, whose name i didn't even attempt to type. and, he does it all with amazing comic timing, obviously.

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