Tuesday, December 29, 2009

50 favorite songs of 2009.

(5o tracks i've been digging the past year, wether they came out in 2009 or not, in no particular order)

01. "don't stop believin" the glee cast
02. "daylight" matt & kim
03. "ballad of bird love" blitzen trapper
04. "disturbia" rihanna
05. "my girls" animal collective
06. "blood bank" bon iver
07. "plans" band of horses
08. "tightrope" yeasayer
09. "no one does it like you" department of eagles
10. "click, click, click, click" bishop allen
11. "use somebody" kings of leon
12. "right round" flo rida
13. "breaking it up" lykke li
14. "talking bird" death cab for cutie
15. "nothing to worry about" peter bjorn and john
16. "we are beautiful, we are doomed" los campensinos!
17. "dog days are over" florence & the machine
18. "sunlight" harlem shakes
19. "little secrets" passion pit
20. "sweet disposition" the temper trap
21. "fables" the dodos
22. "in the hospital" friendly fires
23. "periodically double or triple" yo la tengo
24. "1901" phoenix
25. "simple as..." kid cudi
26. "on to the next one" jay-z
27. "i'm amazed" my morning jacket
28. "bear" the antlers
29. "pot kettle black" tilly & the wall
30. "mansard roof" vampire weekend
31. "very loud" shout out louds
32. "electro-socket blues" rogue wave
33. "non-photo blue" pinback
34. "blue skies" noah and the whale
35. "home" edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes
36. "roslyn" bon iver & st. vincent
37. "say please" monsters of folk
38. "ambling alp" yeasayer
39. "heartbeats" jose gonzalez
40. "carpetbaggers" jenny lewis featuring elvis costello
41. "teen angst" m83
42. "things i'll do" northern state
43. "wake up" arcade fire
44. "furr" blitzen trappers
45. "elevator love letter" stars
46. "for the price of a cup of tea" belle & sebastian
47. "through the roof 'n' underground" gogol bordello
48. "borne on the fm waves of the heart" against me! featuring tegan
49. "poison cup" m. ward
50. "animal" mike snow

comment by january 3rd with your top 5 songs this past year and i'll use the random number generator to pick a person to send my favorites to in mix cd form.


shelly b said...

You know I want a CD from you! Here are my top 5 of the year:
1. Empire State of Mind-Jay Z
2. Reeling-Passion Pit
3. Just Ain't Gonna Work Out-Mayer Hawthorne
4. Lisztomania-Phoenix
5. Panic Switch-Silversun Pickups

I love your list and would agree with most of them...and some that I'll have to check out! Happy New Year!

SusanHnSC said...

I'll play...
1. Photograph - Nickleback
2. I'm Alive - Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews
3. Who Knew - Pink
4. All Summer Long - Kid Rock
5. Free Fallin' - John Mayer ( although I still like Tom Petty's better)

Anonymous said...

wooo-hooo! Love your list! my 5? hard to pick, but right now these come to mind...

1. Lisa Mitchell-Coin Laundry
2. Heartless Bastards-Searching for the Ghost
3. Citizen Cope-Hands of the Saints
4. Feist-Sea Lion
5. Psychedelic Furs-Pretty in Pink
I have more floating around in my head, but these came out first!
Happy 2010!!

boysplusmom said...

oh morgan i am not so good at names and artists so this will be challenging but i would love a cd of your picks ,thats how i learn new music..
but i do like that i gotta feeling song from the black eyed peas, i like adam lamberts new what do ya want from me, love for a child by json mraz, i love you so much by ukelelli, and lady ga ga poker face or boys boys boys...yea i am in a mid life crisis

heyjenrenee said...

i'm late, but you've had me thinking about this all weekend. :)

i'd say the the 5 that come to mind right now would be ... (okay, 5 is hard!)

1. spinnerette - baptized by fire

2. weezer - if you're wondering if i want you to, want you to

3. gotta copy ya on matt&kim - daylight

4. manchester orchestra - the river or i can feel a hot one

5. silversun pickups - the royal we or panic switch

(you know how you end up picking some of these because they're linked to a memory? even if they're not your favorite favorite...) :)

heyjenrenee said...

also, your list is perfection. :)