Wednesday, December 23, 2009

fifteen favorite movies of oh9!

01. 500 days of summer - "this is not a love story, it is a story about love..." unabashed, real & one of, if not the most lovely soundtrack of the year.

02. g.i. joe: rise of cobra - when you're a ginger kid growing up in the 80's you have april o'neill, you have red fraggle and you have scarlett, who totally killed it in this movie.

03. star trek - thought i'd like this, didn't know i'd love it.

04. where the wild things are - so heartbreaking and ridiculously beautiful to watch.

05. zombieland - i don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't seen it yet, but the b.m. cameo is one of the best ever, plus it brought "nut up or shut up" into everyday use, and sometimes that's just the appropriate message.

06. up - best birthday movie ever! so sad, so cute and brought us the best line from dug the dog, "i hid under your porch because i love you." so adorable.

07. adventureland - a good, accessible indie for all those non-indie lovers out there. it's a pretty good sign when ryan reynolds is in a movie and you don't really care.

08. the brothers bloom - this is probably my all favorite movie of 2009, possibly even by a landslide. it's beautiful, snarky, funny, smart and just completely lovely.

09. the hangover - finally saw this last weekend, worth a good giggle.

10. watchmen - i put off seeing this because there was such an uproar among the comic book nerds, but i really liked what they did with it. obviously not the same in the end bits, but worth watching and pretty visually stunning.

11. x-men origins: wolverine - didn't think i was going to like this one either because of my love for wolverine. i didn't think they were really going to do the backstory justice, but i really, really loved it.

12. the twilight saga: new moon - bella was less simpering than i remember in the book and that is always a good thing.

13. coraline - so super creepy, but gorgeous!

14. i love you, man - love this bromance thing, almost as funny as "role models". love me some marshall, even in another role.

15. sunshine cleaning - soooo funny! and love the dude who plays the owner of the cleaning supply store.

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oranginadreams said...

I've only seen 6 movies on this list. Really, really want to see Brothers Bloom. Netflix, here I come!