Thursday, December 17, 2009

my 20 favorite albums released in oh9.

it's no secret that it takes a lot for me to love an entire album, especially from an artist i already love, high expectations i guess. but, here are 20 albums that were released in oh9 that i have been listening to like crazy since they came out. i could get all wannabe-rock-journalist on you and describe each albums sound, but i usually hate the cliche terms and ridiculous words those dudes use so i will forgo that craziness and go with a barebones list for y'all.

also coming soon-ish, i'll have a list of 50 songs i've fallen in love with in oh9!

01. "monsters of folk" self titled 02. "wolfgang amadeus" phoenix 03. "living thing" peter bjorn and john 04. "manners" passion pit 05. "time to die" the dodos 06. "technicolor health" harlem shakes 07. "popular songs" yo la tengo 08. "hospice" the antlers 09. "hold time" m. ward 10. "blood bank" bon iver 11. "the blueprint 3" jay-z 12. "500 days of summer soundtrack" various artists 13. "the twilight saga: new moon soundtrack" various artists 14. "conditions" the temper trap 15. "glee: the music - season one volume 1" glee cast 16. "grand" matt & kim 17."unmap" volcano choir 18. "veckatimest" grizzly bear 19. "tribute to" yim yames 20. "sainthood" tegan and sara

p.s. i know that soundtracks are kind of cheating, but it's my list and i'll do what i want to! : )

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will you be doing a top albums of the "decade"? Im thinking and wishing to do it but its pretty much