Friday, December 18, 2009

friday five #10

01. yeasayer's international tour - these crazy dudes, also known as the band yeasayer, are a reportedly blessed with the ability to melt peoples faces off with their live performances, and i intend to find out. they make it onto a bunch of my mixes because they are just so ridiculous and fun to listen to and now, because of their tour set up, it looks like i might be able to see them a few times between now and may; in brooklyn, philly & london!

02. the photo hunt app for iphone - so, i have a little bit of a photo hunt problem and have been spotted hyperventilating at the sight of a megatouch machine somewhere unexpected, so the fact that i can now play it on the iphone is just no good.

03. pretty album covers - nothing keeps me buying vinyl more than a gorgeous album cover. i most definitely buy music on itunes for that instant gratification, but it's the cover art (when it's actually art) that gets me into that record store every time. prime example; volcano choir's "unmap", yo la tengo's "popular songs", m. ward's "hold time" and faunts' "". and for a laugh, check out pitchfork's lists of the worst album covers each year, somehow weezer's "raditude" didn't make the cut this year, amazing.

04. snowman holiday specs - you need to go online or head to your nearest cracker barrel, which is where we got ours for less, and track down these "holiday specs"! they are cute paper glasses that make little points of light (i.e. christmas lights, headlights & chandelier lights) into adorable little snowmen. even when i'm at my grinchiest these dudes brighten my mood.

05. "layabout" boots - man, veronica mars can really do no wrong by me, even years later! these boots from simple are on kristen bell's celebrity wish list on piperlime and i am in love with them, so now they are also on mine. how cozy do they look?! plus they are completely earth friendly and even have coconut buttons! want.

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