Monday, January 4, 2010

10 in 2010

i love a good indie, but my favorites for big movie theater trips are always the big blockbuster, super hero, action, visual crazy movies. here are 10 i'm already looking forward to seeing in 2010.

01. kick ass - this looks like a guilty pleasure, good for a few laughs kind of movie. a little bit of a so-wrong-it's-funny scenario. trailer

02. scott pilgrim vs. the world - so edgar wright (who directed shaun of the dead & hot fuzz, among other things) is directing the movie based on one of my all time favorite graphic novel series, "scott pilgrim" starring, michael cera as scott pilgrim, a 20something average dude in a band, who falls in love with knives chau, but has to battle her 7 evil ex boyfriends, one of whom is played by jason schwartzman. i die. no trailers yet, but they do have a video blog. imdb info

03. the green hornet- i'm having trouble picturing seth rogen as the green hornet, but i'm also not a huge fan of the comic, so it's not really any skin off my back either way. interested to see how it turns out. imdb info

04. the wolfman - this just looks straight up super gnarly. trailer

05. iron man 2 - okay, i shall forgive robert downey jr. his sherlock holmes, because i love, love his tony stark. mickey rourke looks totally crazy and i can't wait for this!!! trailer

06. legion - so intense. so totally terrifying. so much love for paul bettany and the chick who played little coop. so can't wait to pee my pants while watching this. trailer

07. harry potter and the deathly hallows - part one this year, and part 2 in 2011! you're killing us potter! can't blame them for wanting to cash in on an extra movie, but i only hope that it also means that they are going to take the greatest of care in really doing the final story justice. bootleg trailer

08. eclipse - smart move on the studio's part to have eclipse come out just six-ish months after new moon. i'd say they learned from harry potter's mistakes. i'm excited for this, but also even more excited to see if, and how, they manage to make breaking dawn into a movie. a lot of weirdness there.

09. daybreakers - y'all could probably guess that i'm a sucker for a well soundtracked trailer, but put that aside, and daybreakers still looks completely ridiculous. it seems like that rare thought provoking action/sci fi movie and i'm pretty stoked on the cast too. this one actually comes out really soon, like friday. trailer

10. alice in wonderland - do i even really need to explain this one? i think not. trailer


SusanHnSC said...

I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland - I mean, it's Johnny Depp, as the Mad Hatter, hello?!?! (and we're getting a local iMax theater just in time for Harry Potter - sweet)

Vee said...

alice in wonderland looks amazing, can't wait to see JD in 3D!!