Wednesday, January 6, 2010

wintry mix

just a little wintry mix for you my loves

01. "two" the antlers
02. "possibility" lykke li
03. "blood bank" bon iver
04. "4 out of 5" peter bjorn and john
05. "do you believe in rapture?" sonic youth
06. "roslyn" bon iver & st.vincent
07. "on and on and on" wilco
08. "blue skies" noah and the whale
09. "stars of leo" m. ward
10. "charlie brown's lament" jacob miller
11. "map of the world" monsters of folk
12. "o valencia!" the decemberists
13. "penelops" pinback
14. "walking" the dodos
15. "snow day" matt pond pa
16. "love like a sunset; pt. II" phoenix


oranginadreams said...

This is great! I love Roslyn and anything by the Decemberists!


Rhi said...

oh love it.
i will be listening on my dog walk.
i always love a mix from you <3

andrea said...

lovely mix, you're going straight to my favs

Rhi said...

um. i just need to comment about how much i love this mix.
i've been listening to it all week on repete.
the noah and the whale song is my january song.