Friday, January 8, 2010

friday five #12

01. scrapping again in 2thousand&10 - judging by the fact that there are only 9 pictures in my "2009 layouts" folder card making and teaching have definitely taken over my crafty life, but i have already made a layout this year (shocking i know) and am actually feeling pretty inspired to make more! the first one back is always a little tough, but i love it anyway.

02. typewriter stamps - i used a sweet vintage looking one at kristina's last weekend and that super sweet one up there is part of rubber soul's valentine's day release. we just got it in and i can't wait to start stamping it! the best part? the "i heart you" is mounted on the side of the typewriter stamp. the "you're just my type" is totes worth purchasing also.

03. super mario bros. wii - so having started my like affair (yeah, i'm coining that phrase) with video games in the days of nintendo & super nintendo i tend to have trouble with these newfangled 5million dimension video games (i usually get lost in a corner and blown to smithereens) so since wii game out i've been loving all the mario games (an intervention almost had to be staged in the heyday of my super mario galaxy obsession). i just finally sat down with super mario bros. wii and i'm in love with the old school, levels & worlds feel of it!

04. always sunny - when i initially started watching "it's always sunny in philadelphia" i burnt myself out a little. when you watch a few hours worth at a time you kind of start thinking the world is a miserable place, but i've just finished season 4 at a much slower pace and it's soooooo much funnier that way. it definitely takes a certain sense of humor, but if you've got it, you'll love it.

05. the 2010 winter classic - this was completely ridiculous to watch! new years day, iced over fenway (really they build a hockey rink and snow over the rest), dropkick performing, throwback jerseys, denis leary leading the crowd in a round of "sweet caroline", the announcement of the u.s.a. hockey team and what turned out to be a crazy exciting win for the bruins in the last 5ish minutes. totally amazing to watch.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That typewriter stamp os pretty rda, I do admit. and I like your solo LO. Hope to see more..
My girls are slightly addicted to mario bros wii, I might have to send them to Mario bros sad...