Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i've missed you mod podge!

like the true blue, newly discovered romance nerd i've become i save all my favorite texts, fives lists, and random messages from the boy, and since he's already withstood the crafting curse i decided to make an album dedicated to them. i used an 8.5x11 d-ring from american crafts and mod podged the heck out of it front, back & insides. it's going to be filled with atc's of favorite one liners, 8.5x11's of things we've done & little everyday things with the texts to go along with them, and cool divided protectors i found that i'll use to hold printed screen captures of favorite fives. it's going to be kind of a history/manual of our us-ness, hence the "textsbook" title (y'know, like a textbook!) now that the album is done, i'm excited to work on the guts when i get some more time.


Natalie said...

love the cover, now show us the insides!! ps. i come home in july!

Kristi said...

the crafting curse. hahahahahahahahaa. i can't believe the australian is committed to paper... although he was strictly bazzill and there's no journaling and no special products were harmed in the making of said crafts.

nattielyte + miss morgan + kc = this summer!!