Friday, August 13, 2010

friday five #33

well, we are kind of sort of mostly moved in, at least the stuff we have and it's really starting to feel like home! so excited! i'll share some pictures when it's a little more done!

friday five #33

01. beehive design - i hadn't thought much about beehive until jamaica started making those amazing pillows of hers, and then pushing daisies had that buzzzzzz episode and then it was kind of gone from my brain for a while. then, recently, on design sponge (i think?) i saw these cool appliques someone did on a table, and i'm obsessed with the idea of recreating this on our handed down white tile top table to zip it up a bit! now to figure out wether to do clear contact covered paper, actual patterned (or cork) contact paper or figure out a way to coat and apply fabric... hmm...

02. lampshade inspiration - this is another one of those things from anthro that i love, but will need to diy up. i love the folded in grosgrain ribbon they used, but depending on the room, and what the boy will let me get away with girliness wise, i would also love with the teal, plum or chartreuse rosette trim from websters pages.

03. step up 3d (seriously) - this was the boy's choice for movie night (i'm not kidding) and my first 3d movie! other than the ridiculously annoying and disrespectful family taking up the entire row in front of us, i loved it! even at an hour and a half it was a little long, and totally predictable, but the dancing was ridiculous! i'm also somewhat ashamed to admit that i've already purchased the soundtrack to heavily add to my new workout mix, and i really loved the 3d, there were a couple of cheesy 3d moments, but i thought it was really really cool.

04. camera stamp cameras - amy posted these stamps from urbanic on her blog a couple of days ago, and obviously i love them. i'm also totally jealous of anyone who lives within shopping distance of this place. they always seem to have the coolest stuff set up in the coolest ways.

05. kraft planner - i think nicole was telling me about this guy after her last paper source princeton trip, but when i got their most recent e-mail and saw it, i knew it was a must have for our schedule at home. need.

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Nicole Carro said...

Yup, that is the one I awesome. Want to go to Princeton this week or next? I need to return something.