Tuesday, August 17, 2010

these two...

i am not a huge believer in horoscopes and those types of things, but it must mean something that 2 of my most favorite people in the entire world who are both so so so important to me, were both born on the same day!

kristi birthday

first up, this chick who is the most creatively inspiring, all night giggle-fest inducing, sometimes inappropriately hilarious, bad@$$ chick i know. she once described our friendship as a messed up study in only child defense mechanisms, and she totally called it. she can loosen me up like no other, and i always, always am guaranteed a good time with her, wether it's an impromptu photo shoot, her rolling in the grass, and us dissecting cryptic texts or us reenacting our favorite bits of shaun of the dead while boarding the most turbulent redeye of all time. i know that we have each others backs at all times, no matter what. what about her? i'm all about her! love you k, happy birthday miss!

doug birthday

this boy, also known as "the boy" means the absolute world to me, yes i'm about to get super mushy, but i'm allowed because i never do about this stuff. he is everything i ever needed and never let myself have, the most perfect guy i could have never imagined and as i told him once, "the sweetest guy i have ever not wanted to break up with." i have a pretty bad track record in regards to guys who are nice to me, but this one stuck, and that's because he didn't let me self sabotage; he called me on it, fought it, and made me believe in him. i feel 100% safe, we laugh all the time, have sing-a-longs in the car, yell at hockey together (me more than him), and now we have a home, well an apartment, together and it's the most natural, fun experience ever. i love him so much, and yet somehow more and more every day. i'm so excited to see what's ahead for us, and him in this new year. happy birthday my love!


NoraAnne said...

What a sweet post :)

k said...

i need you to know i used the one bar of internets i have to look at this instead of checking my back balance.

love you, can't wait to see the new crib.

and WTF i scrolled down and saw dougbutt... i was totally expecting madonna. pssh.

Vee said...

how cool is that?!!! miss k is so awesomepants and so glad you have your boy! :) can't wait to see your place, i hope you having a rad summer! loads of kisses!!!