Wednesday, August 18, 2010

this is not another challenge blog...

... but i'm going to start a little something new here. every other wednesday (in theory) i'll post a layout or card or something randomly crafty inspired by something completely not craft related. it's "elsewhere inspiration" and if you are also inspired by it, and happen to do something with it, let me see! no contests. no prizes. pure show 'n' tell, just like pre-k.

elsewhere inspiration #1 is this poster for the brothers bloom. i loved the large picture at the top and the negative-strip-like row under the title. not to mention the yellow umbrellas, which i kind of translated into using the water drops paper. plus, how could i resist having a quasi-cheesy subtitle? (obvs loving the action hero wannabe style silhouette cut-outs too, haha)
elsewhere inspiration #1
every time a neighboring fire department gets a new truck or engine they hold a big event for the community and all the local departments come with an engine to wet the new truck down, kind of like smashing a bottle of champagne on the side of a new ship. it's really fun to see all the departments come together, all the kids come out and get hosed down to and there's tons of food, beer and music. this was my first wetdown and my first elsewhere inspiration, seems appropriate.

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