Tuesday, June 5, 2007

a birthday well spent!

i had a nice day louging around in my jammies today and starting my little "my 24th year" arrow shaped chipboard binder album. i've only gotten a couple of pages done but i have all day tommorow too. here's the mess so far and you can kinda see a couple of the finished pages in the foreground;

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i kind of just pulled out all the papers and embellies that i was in the mood to work with and i'm going from there. then i got ready and went to the new restauraunt in flemington, fusion! it's french thai fusion and it was awesome and gorg inside. here's some picces of the restauraunt, marykate & i after dinner and my appy, chicken fusion triangles, they were awesome! the outside was like a spring roll and the chicken was seasoned with cinnamon and thai spices, sooooo good! as well as a really cute piccie of miss trish!

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my aunt and mum were there too obviously, but they are anti picture. i got some awesome presents including the awesome scrappy one from my mum, BOTH kristina contes classes and the crop with kristina the night before! sooooo rad! i can't wait! the crop is friday night and the classes are both saturday! has anyone else taken any of her classes? i so want to see pictures!


Barbie said...

I hope u had an awesome bday!!!

Fauve Design said...

Oew yummy stuff i see there!!Cant wait to see it when you finish it!

Lindsay said...

Ooohhh.. I have a restuarant in my town called fusion too. it's american/japanese. soooo good! I love the way the arrow album is going also!

Emine Pazan said...

YUMM YUMM YUMM sweetie...
Glad you had a wonderful birthday ;)

Love ya

SEE HI TO KRISTINA... (a signature of her would be awesome too LOL)

Shelly Brewer said...

Looks like you got some goods..and the food sounds awesome!! So glad you had a great b-day!! and you look fab in that dress!!

Unknown said...

Oh sounds like ur bday was super fun and the stuff u picked to work with looks like youre going to have a wonderful time! You go girl and happy bday!!!!

sally hanna said...

glad you had a great bday
LOVE your dress!!
and can't wait to see all of that album...
looks fantastical!!
i've taken a kc class....uhhh yeah...it totally rocked the planet!!
i'll get some pics together for ya

michelle said...

sounds delicious.. you look so fabulous in your dress! and what a cool birthday present! i know vee has taken her classes, she had some pictures on her blog..

MaraMay said...

Hope your day was GREAT!!!! Looks like ti was lots of fun!
Thanks for stopping over at my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

i had a great time at both your birthdays thanks for making me feel like family it is always good to get some girl time!!