Tuesday, June 5, 2007

circle journal send off

so here we go, my first circle journal! i'm so excited to see everyone's cj's as they head my way and i can't believe that i won't see mine again for a year! that's so crazy, but when it comes back it will be filled to the brim wiht lovliness from the amazing ladies in the group over at soml! i can't wait!!! at least we will be getting little peakies along the way in the yahoo group. anyway, here is the cover;

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"the soundtrack of our lives" are an awesome band and it's also my theme, those songs that when you hear them take you back to a specific moment or time. i can't wait to see what everyone has to say. here are my rules and sign-in pages also;

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i love that i got to use a bunch of hambly and ki rubs that i have been hoarding for a bit and i'm so glad that i waited for the love, elsie paper to do it! the roxie line is totally perfect for this!

anyway, since it's my birthday i'm off to scrap! i've had a maya road arrow shaped chipboard binder mini book sitting here for a while and so i'm going to use today to make it fun and random and totally full of all the things i've loved, things i've done and things that have happened while i was 24. i'm going to try to let all my little inner scrapping rules go and just go totally funky with it! we'll see how it goes! later!


michelle said...

this rocks... i'm so excited for everyone's to get to me!

Eileen said...

Love your album! Can't wait to see it irl! Happy Birthday!


Eminepala said...

love your album... Happy birthday sweetie


Aimee said...

happy birthday! you cj is awesome!

scrap {n} flava said...

It looks great Morgan! The Roxie line is perfect!

Happy Birthday Chica!

Polly said...

Hope you had a fabby birthday sweetie!

Cannot wait to get your little CJ in my hands!!! It looks beautiful... and wish i'd brought those hambly rub ons from Sara now!