Thursday, July 12, 2007

i'm a scrap narccicist right now!

ever finish a lo and you are totally enamored with it? i am sooooo in love with how this turned out! i had the idea in my head and it turned out even better than my vision!!!

it's called; "love on a cellular level"

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::le squee!:: totally love it! i just wanted to post this real quick. hopefully i'll have a more substantial post after my friend date. the hazards of going on friend dates with a dude who is a cop is that you get texts like this; "can we make it a late dinner? hit the fan and we found a body at the resevoir" ick ick ick!

at least i have my love for my new lo to keep me happy!


leslie said...

I am totally like that! When I really love one of my layouts (which doesn't happen too often) I will just stare at it! But hey, we're allowed to lover our work, aren't we?
Btw, you've been tagged!

Barbara said...

I love love love this LO. Awesome job girl you rocked it! It makes me so bummed that I dont get to scrap! Sept. Is way far away

Nicole Carro said...

Dude, I love your new LO too! Keep em' coming.

Breanne Crawford said...

loving it!

Marie said...

Ohhh this is totally adorable u did such a wonderful job!!!

p.s. Im so excited go check out the rva kit club blog!!! Rachel gave me a shout out!!! Im dancing!!!

scrap {n} flava said...

this is FLIPPIN' awesome!!! You totally rocked this!!!
I was reading back a bit- just wanted to tell you that Stave & Berry's is great but be careful with what you toss into the dryer. It will shrink.
gosh, I love this LO!!! I hope you have the time of your life at CHA!!! I wish I could have made it -D

shelly b said...

Great LO!! And that's a yucky text!! Hope you had fun anyway!!

Christina C. said...

what a totally fun layout.
love the mix of things you put together.

I too sometimes gaze at my los for far too long. :D

*fauve* said...

I can totally imagine,it looks soooo great girl!

michelle said...

i love this ! very cool..