Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a little added time.

i can't pick the random winner of the rak challenge down there until i get home from work near a printer so y'all get a few more hours to enter. 'til about 9 p.m. est actually, so keep me giggling.

the crop i vended at saturday was fun. i got to actually scrap while i was there so it was nice. i got some little projects done; a this is me page, 2 circle journals and my daily card for that day. i still have 2 more this is me challenges to catch up on, but i might actually do that today at work. and i have a daily card to do.

i found a dress for the wedding friday at macy's yesterday with kate. it's a really dark, dark twilight blue silk and there is no way it would have looked good on me before i dyed my hair dark, it's funny how that can open up a whole new world of clothes! hehe. it's pretty, but i'm not like IN LOVE with it, so i'm going to check a couple little places after work today. we'll see how that goes. and when i get home i'll pick the two winners of the rak!


Courtney DeLaura said...

did you get on that bike??
it about killed me to do my 30 today - I was like "i could be reading,scrapping,Iming" all those things that end with ING but do not start with walk or run!!!

we have to keep each other motivated!!!

Hugs a lugs


leslie said...

ok, girl it's me and you on the diet run. I'm actually pretty motivated, but who knows, what with all the holidays coming up! have fun at the wedding!