Tuesday, October 23, 2007

photo hunt, polaroids and escargots. oh my!

yeah cheese fest! so what? haha. so i'm gonna go ahead and kick this in list form.

<3 happy mail as of late; 2 fun new circle journals to play with, replacement thickers from american crafts (complete with 2 additional sets, including red vinyl, yay!) and my coconut records cd, which is jason scwartzman's musical solo project. the raddest part has got to be the fact that when you order the cd directly from him you also get a polaroid that he took and a cute little note from him with your cd. here's mine;

<3 the magic hat night of the living dead variety pack + transformers and a trip to parsnip, the not-so-divey dive bar that brought us a few games of not-so-g-rated photo hunt with some giggle worthy high score names.

<3 watching horrible day time tv, getting ready in slow-mo, half-assed scrapping (on my part) and lazy chill time on the couch with these ladies

<3 blasting inxs at top notch and bopping along on our way past silver cup studios and over the bridge, much to the dismay of nearby drivers with their windows open and chloe.

<3 the awesome matte sequin trim we scored at m&j trims i need to go back for some crazy yardage for holiday cards!

<3 laughing our way hysterically into anthropologie where i was then tortured by this little temptress, the "changing colors swing coat" i really almost bought it, but managed to abstain. i did come away with some ridiculous sunglasses with mustard colored frames though and high hopes for the purchase of the coat in the near future.

<3 going out with people who really know food. it's such a great learning experience. kristina, jonathan, chloe, nat and i went to pastis for dinner last night, and holy wow! the food was amazing. plus, i tried some great stuff that i have never had before. gotta love a family style ordering where it has to come in several waves because there wasn't enough table space for all the food we ordered. can you say; oysters, escargots, steak tartare, skate, mushroom ravioli with sage, patte and all kinds of other yummies. not to mention the adorable photos after.

<3 watching heroes at the waldorf astoria and chloe rose taking a liking to her namesake? priceless!


*fauve* said...


Courtney DeLaura said...

I may just have to order the c.d. to get the polaroid! cause I already bought it on itunes - but it would so be worth the polaroid...cause I am OBSESSED!

biggest hugs.


michelle said...

Love your picture! and all that food sounds fabulous!

leslie said...

What a small world, I was just at Anthropologie on Sunday. Didn't buy anything though, just eye candy. You are sooo lucky that you can just shoot up to NY and go to the most awesome places whenever you feel like it.

Nicole Carro said...

Dude, so sad I missed it:( Jack seems better...FINALLY. Glad you got some good times in on your day off!

quietly going mad... said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!! can't wait to see the trim!

Natalie said...

Um, dude, come back. I had the best time ever. Thanks for coming to meet up on your day off. Oh and the knee....ridiculously black and blue but totally worth the laugh. =)

Vee said...

sounds like so much FUN!!! yum to the food,trims and cd!! the polaroid is sweet!! that is so cool he does that!! chloe is the cutest and you and kris are too!!
heroes was good right?!!!!
miss ya much! :)