Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"guys, where are we?"

yeah, i've been more than a little m.i.a. as in absent and missing, not the tiny rapper who raps in crazy technicolor.

the "croppers care for kids with cancer" event went really well and i love that it was sucessful and now done with. i also told my boss i need sunday's off, starting this coming sunday. yay! i get to have a 5 day work week again! getting rid of that small 5 hour shift makes a huge diff for me; i can have a day to relax & a day to get things done rather than having to choose which i do, i can go out to crazy-stick-to-the-dance-floors-while-you're-rocking-out-to-jt-and-fugazi-dive-spots in philly on a saturday night and be able to join my friends for brunch sunday mornings and it's just a little less stress in my life. yay, yay, yay!

another big yay to nabbing a hair appointment with heidi at american mortals on friday evening! someone called literally 15 minutes before me to cancel so i totally lucked out on timing. so, i get to take the train into philly (i hate having to find parking in center city) and finally get my hairs snipped! i even found a couple of cute hairstyles online today. looking at hairstyles online has really made me want to dye my hair orange-y red too! i won't go that crazy yet though. but after i get the cut i was thinking about dying it dark brown again, so now i don't know what to do!

oooh! i was going to try to not get excited about this since it's just the very beginning of the process and there are about a hundred talented ladies up for the spots, but i can't help myself! i have made it to the second round of the fashionista search over at scrap in style! i'm trying to stay guarded, but making it even to this very prelminary part of it is exciting since there is a crazy sick amount of talent over there! eep! i'm excited to see how this goes!

oooh, and some of you will be very proud of me, and many of you will be shocked that i finally did it, but i have officially finished the second stage of the big scrap area clean out of o8! i have a huge plastic bin 3/4 of the way full of embellishments and a 7 1/2 inch high stack of paper, yes i measured, to sell at the next mlpa scrap garage sale! i made myself ruthlessly purge all the scrappy stuff that i have that i like or love, but will never really use. the next step is going through the stored bins and doing a last sweep of my stuff, then i get to my favorite part, the re-organizing! so far i've freed up a whole shelf worth of plastic drawers units and have gone from two yaffa blocks full of paper to 1/2 of one. yay!

on the netflix front; boo to "the nanny diaries" how could you fail me scar jo? and major ups to "bickford schmecklers cool ideas" loved it! totally quirky, but i love me some patrick fugit!

i am failing miserably at my mission to watch every episode of lost before the new season starts! i am only halfway through season one. i'm still trying though. i'm off to do that now actually. wish me luck!


Nicole Carro said...

Whoa you have been one busy chick - can't wait to see your fabulous hair. Congrats on Round 2 Morgan! We have to do scrappies and coffee soon.

Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) said...

morgan...if you go to the ABC can catch on lost in 8 1/2 minutes...there is a recap will save you time...impressively thorough for 8 minutes...

good luck..

michelle said...

congrats on round 2 .. how very exciting! I have my fingers crossed for you! I can't wait to see your hair, girlie!

Anilu Magloire said...

I had to read JJ's e-maiil a few times, I was so excited!!

Girl, get watching those LOST episodes. The season finale was IN-SANE and you have to be there for the exciting premiere.

Show me pics of the haircut, OK?

boysplusmom said...

morgan really excited about the 2nd round, you know i believe you belong in the bigtime good luck..and I am a fan of the generousity of sis tv.

Vee said...

congrats on making it to round two!!! so exciting and good for you!! you need another day off, can't wait to see your new haircut. girl you better get on lost :) hehehe

Natalie said...

Dude. Round two? Killer! Congrats yo! And so happy you get sundays off now. We are baby stepping you right out of there. Whoo! And I am still in shock that the paper measures 7.5 inches. Can you come over to help me clean my space out too? Ok, sweet, see you in a few days. ;)