Saturday, August 16, 2008


i can't seem to stop playing with the "moda bella" collection from american crafts! i love the super brights and when dawn mentioned this pink ribbon in a convo about this sweet little skully i had to make this card in the last 5 minutes before i dashed out the door to head to marykate's. today i made 4 more (2 of which are landscape, rather than portrait) and put them all together in a clear box for a cute little notecard set.

the skully "snag 'em" stamp is such a ridiculous value! i also made a halloween card with her and have a few more non-halloween ideas for her as well. love what you can do with a sheet of patterned paper, a sheet of double dot, a single stamp and some pretty ribbon!

oh, and here's "*click", one of the quicky layouts i did for the store. i just used all my "moda bella" scraps from the "seeing stars" mini and punched the heck out of my circle punch, added a piece of "flair" and some bling and glossy accented all the white areas on each of the patterned papers for a little extra pop. like i said, lovin' the bella!

the show last night was defenitly an experience. marykate and i both kind of got over being there around the same time, so that worked out well. we didn't manage to stay for the band we had gone to see, but we weren't really too concerned about it. it was fun to be at a tiny show like that, and mk and i had fun talking about what it used to be like going to our boyfriends and friends shows when we were 15+, pretty amusing.

i am totally running on fumes though, 5 hours sleep night before last, and about 4 last night. i'm going to have to do some major carbo loading to balance the amount of caffeine i'll be mainlining on our way down to philly tonight. all so i can stay awake and non-shakey for a philly house party that will only be serving liquor, haha. yeah, i should be a hot mess in not time! close friends, don't be all too surprised to awaken to ridiculously silly text messages tommorow morning, haha!


Heidi Joe said...

How rad are you, right? Whoa.

On the mix tip below... how funny is The Blow? I saw them when they opened for Jenny Lewis but then it was just the girl that showed up, and did the whole show from her laptop. Alone. And then cracked jokes about the crowd. Whatever.

I *need* that little skull stamp!

Vee said...

love your layout!!! glad you are having a great weekend! skull card is so cute!

{ME} said...

love the "click" lay out.
Running on fumes if fine for a day or two but after I start going down hill regardless of how much caffeine a person can intake.

shahnnen said...

yeah girl. livin' feels good!

oranginadreams said...

very cool layout! Have fun partying!!