Friday, August 15, 2008

it's going to be a long weekend...

... but in the most age appropriate/loveliest of ways. : ) tonight marykate & i are headed to some bar in trenton for a show (this guy i used to have a major crush on in high schools new band). and then i work tommorow before i'm off to a philly houseparty for the night with rick, ryan & ryan's friend dan. rick assures me that i will actually be able to pull my camera out without groans issued forth by himself and ryan, finally.

so, appropriate outfits have been acquired and last minute touches are in the works. most importantly i have the perfect nail polish (o.p.i for sephora in "cab fare" a totally obnoxious yellow.) and have created the raddest mix to get us appropriately psyched up. and, since i'm at work and then headed straight to mk's and have no pictures i will share said mix with you. i'm still not totally in love with the order, i think i would switch tracks 01 and 02 and something seems a little bit hinky towards the end there, but other than that i love, love.

"house party hopes"

01. "kids" by mgmt
02. "keep the car running" by the arcade fire
03. "heartbeats" by the knife
04. "let's dance to joy division" by the wombats
05. "ice cream" by new young pony club
06. "tessellate" by tokyo police club
07. "sour cherry" by the kills
08. "l.e.s. artistes" by santogold
09. "pieces of the people we love" by the rapture
10. "lights out" by santogold (usually i don't repeat, but she sounds totally different!)
11. "I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you" by black kids
12. "rat is dead (rage)" by css
13. "shut up and let me go" by the ting tings
14. "paper planes" by m.i.a.
15. "deceptacon" by le tigre
16. "timebomb" by beck
17. "under pressure" by david bowie feat. queen
18. "true affection" by the blow

i wonder what it is that makes indie dance bands feel the need to always have "the" in their name. weirdness. hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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