Wednesday, August 13, 2008

hello bloggy-blog!

in lieu of having anything actual to report can i just say that there is nothing better a girl can have in her life than that one awesome guy friend who is always down for whatever! rick is so my guy for that! he's always up for a movie night, will carry my bags when i'm in a slumpy mood, can always come up with a party or adventure, will always, always, always stand up for me, even when it's me he's standing up to and always reminds me not to let people make me feel bad. you just can't beat that.

so, in classic rick fabulous-ness we are headed to menlo park mall tommorow to find me some cute-ness to wear to some philly manchen party, not that i'm sure what a manchen in philly really means, my friend john thinks it' s probs a row home with 4 bedrooms, haha. anyway, all it took was one text message and the plans were set. i'm way lucky and so glad that rick is in my corner, haha. maybe i'll manage to actually get him in a picture tommorow!

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