Sunday, August 10, 2008


yeah, umm i guess i forgot that i'm a blogger? eek! i'm so not even going to attempt to catch up on things from the last few weeks, there is waaaaaay too much! suffice it to say, cha was awesome and i was all business in chicago, getting lots done and spending time with some of my scrappy ladies too. the product is already starting to roll in the doors in a major way and i've been playing with lots of new goodies already! to the left there is part of one our displays with two mini books i did using the new american crafts. i used a TON of "moda bella" for the "seeing stars" album (yes, there is an album in that box, see the be-ribboned ring sticking out of the top?) and spotlighted some of my celeb crushes/inspirations. i used the new "travel" line for the incredibly mini mini (the page protectors in there hold 3 x 3 layouts!!!) with pictures of some of my favorite jaunts into the city. i love how they both look on their little shelf amongst the product!

here's a card i was playing around with at the store the other day, i used the new cosmo cricket "haunted" collection, an imaginisce "snag 'em" stamp and lots of twinkling h20's & spica pens to make this little guy. add some fun velvet ric-rac and a "pumpkin" memory box card and you've got that cute little guy overe there! i love making and sending halloween cards, and it tends to happen more than christmas cards for me! they are unexpected and halloween papers are always beyond fun! i'm not sure if this guy will make the cut as the mass send out card, but he sure is a rad idea.

i've also done some new layouts for the store using the "moda bella" and "mr. campy" from cosmo cricket. "mr. campy" is one of my absolute favorite new releases, along with basic grey's "urban prarie", october afternoon's "hometown" and pretty much all their other lines and about a billion other fun things.

speaking of cha, remember when kristina created here themes for scrapblog? well, when she sent in her final artwork, she also sent some random pictures she had taken to be used in sample layouts for the site. so, imagine my surprise when k called to tell me that i was a postcard being passed out at the show, haha. i stopped by the booth and they very nicely gave me a packet of them to send out, haha. i would love for it to be a better picture (i'm not quite sure what that face is!) but i love kristina's themes! the white cedars painted on woodgrain? totally gorgeous!

let's see, what else? oh how about a totally random song thought? i'm a little bit obsessed with the song "i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance" by the band black kids (don't get the band name). this song cracks me up and totally makes me want to bounce around like a dancing charlie brown character (ashley, by the way, is the most amazing charlie brown dancer ever! really, you should see it!) anyway, listen - love - bounce - youtube search charlie brown dancing - fall in love!

and on the movie front; the batman movie was totally amazing! i ventured down to the imax at king of prussia mall with rick, ryan, ian and some other people the day after i got back from cha and it was so ridiculously awesome in imax, as we the preview for "watchmen", which i also need to see in imax! then on friday we went to see "pineapple express" which was pretty hilarious (lagged a little before the very end) and quite the experience. let's just say i'm glad i was a couple of drinks in as it seemed to be a high school reunion in the theater, ugh! our next adventure? rock band on wii party in philly inevitably followed by dancing at 7hundrend club, sal's or the khyber because it has been waaaaaaaay too long since i crazy danced on a sticky, bouncing dance floor!

also, my thickers addiction has reached the point of complete craziness, wherein my thickers no longer fit in one bin. oops (again)! however, kitty likes that there is room in the second bin for him. he also doesn't seem to understand what is quite so funny about him being there, as evidenced by the look he was shooting me as i took this picture!

in other exciting, scrapbook related news, i fixed my typewriter!!! i won't even embaress myself by telling you all what the issue actually ended up being. we'll leave it at the fact that i'm way psyched that all is well with it because typewriter + mini photo printer + cha freebies = a very happy, scrappy, i-remembered-why-i-scrapbook morgan!

well, i am teaching my sassy summer acrylic mini album in a couple of hours, and again tommorow night, so i'm going to finish up the class kits.

i won't make any promises about regular blogging, but i will try. i also have mucho blog reading to catch up on! i don't know what anyone in the internet world is up to anymore, not to mention all the necessary portfolio updating! for the last time, oops!


Mandi said...

omg you DO have a thickers addiction!!! haha

Rhi said...

the black kids (i don't get the name either) are hillarious.

stop buying thickers!
its get scary!

i have missed you around these here blogging parts :)

BR@NDY said...

Holy crap that's a lotta thickers. As long as kitty still has a spot to sit, I guess it's okay. HA!

Anonymous said...

i'm so jellie fo yo thicks!
glad you're back---we missed you here in blogland (i haven't been a good blogger either. surprise, surprise)
but, i have moved on to typepad. it's a fun place!

sara berry said...

I just sent you an email! Sooo glad you are back to blogging. Why the hell doesn't AC sponsor you? Seriously. Your cat just looks like a thickers guard to me...good kitty!

boysplusmom said...

well thank god morgan how can i possibly stalk you if you do not blog. really. LOVE that thicker collection. are those new behind kitty guard?

Anonymous said...

that picture of your kitty is so cute!

jenn shurkus said...

pretty sure you have waaay more thickers then me ;) didnt think that was possible.. but i'm OK with that ;) only a wee bit jealous....

Vee said...

hey girl! so glad you updated your blog and that you are doing well! :)
love your lovely mini's and my thickers stack looks the same! lol

shelly b said...

love the minis---wish I could see them in real life...I love looking and holding and seeing all the little elements you include! I love how you store the thickers.

Nicole Carro said...

yay! You finally updated, lots of good stuff. Oh my gosh, I think your cat has Thickers obsession too!

jen renee said...

ooooo - I love that song, too, and I totally understand your charlie brown fast-dancing urge. you are funny. (dance dance dance dance)