Sunday, September 28, 2008

and i'm back in the game...

so this is what i've been up to lately, haha. lots of fall and halloween card making and a little "right now" mini that i'm dieing to share but it's been way too grey and rainy out to take pictures of it.

i've also gotten a lot of mass production type projects done. invitations for my best friends' baby shower and a ton of thank you's and a smaller batch of invites for another friend who is throwing a baby shower for someone. i'm defenitly over mass production for a while though, that's for sure

i've just been teaching a lot, loving work, playing with lots of paper & stamps and getting into all the fall tv. loved that everything thay made us think was going to happen on "greys" actually didn't and i'm totally into that badass army doctor dude, haha. hoping "heroes" is going to be better than last season because i'm soooo close to not even watching anymore. "the office" was hilarious as always, and i'm not gonna lie; i may have gotten a little misty-eyed during the truck stop scene, haha. i really can't wait for "pushing daisies" to start, i should probs just plan on scrapping every night after it's on.

the charity crop planning has been going really well and donations and registrations are already starting to roll in. everything is going to be all autumn-y and i'm even going to try my hand at making those chocolate pop thingies because i fell in love with some owl molds they had at one of the big bad craft stores. i should probably start practicing now, haha. and of course i altered myself a kraft colored composition notebook with some "mr. campy", complete with tabbies and the whole nine for all my crop planning stuffs because you know how i love to organize!

we've been spending a lot of time at work getting ready for our national card making day / holiday open house this coming saturday. putting together a wishlist/registry program, decorations, samples, a stocking stuffer bar and make & takes. i'm off now to work on the samples for my holiday wrappings class.

hope everyone is all comfy cozy on this rainy night!


jen geigley said...

glad everything is coming together for you ... and I must see your mr. campy notebook

Anonymous said...

wasn't the office fab?! I love Jim and Pam. And I'm with you on Heroes. I'm going to give one more shot and then it's adios!

Mandi Johnson said...

oh man those colors and that paper. to die for.