Wednesday, September 17, 2008


i haven't done a good ol' plus/minus post in a while, or any blogging for that matter, oops!

+ current musical obsession = "pot kettle black" from the new tilly & the wall;

- it's stuck in my head like woah!

+ finally got to catch up with kristina! fun in long island followed by me kidnapping her for more fun/take your friend to work day in jersey.

+ it's officially fall since i got to have a pumpkin ale (with cinnamon sugar rim) with kristina

+ new fall clothes that i can't wait to wear (hello sweater dresses, grandpa cardigans, sweater vests and really cute flats on the cheap)

- my thirst for cute flats may be near satiated, but darn anthropologie for having the raddest selection of boots i can not afford!

+ at least i'll "totes" (hehe, k) be rockin' sweet feather headbands all fall!

+ "hometown" collection from october afternoon = love at first (well second, really) sight. it's not often that i buy a stamp set and use 5 of the stamps right off the bat!

+/- i can't stop making halloween cards! it's no secret that i'm always smitten with tons of halloween paper, but there are so many adorable halloween stamps out this year! there is really no end in sight.

+ for y'all since that means i'll be sending tons of halloween cards this year!

+ the new (october 2008) issue of nylon arrived today and zooey descganel is on the cover, love that girl!

+ fall tv is finally starting! it probably deserves it's own +/- list but for now, it simply gets a +. although, i will say this;

- i never thought that i would be so much more invested in chuck bass (a.k.a. the basstard or basshole) & b than s & lonely boy, i mean what the h?

+ my mum & i are planning a charity crop (just for this year, to help a friend out who was going to have to cancel it because of illness) and we just found a great venue for it. i've already started e-mailing companies, kit clubs & generally rockin' people for donations for baskets, door prizes and table gifts and i think it's going to be really rad.

+ i have scrappies to play with, which is exactly what i'm going to go do right this very minute!


jen renee said...

ugh, I want pumpkin ale w/cinnamon sugar rim....! wah.

and I feel you on every single boot that you linked up. (yes, I clicked on every single link on this post.) I have been drooling over several pairs at UOs too.

If you find a cute pair that's UNDER $200, let me know. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are having a ball! I have not started watching the fall line up yet - totally missing out on gossip girl. And I am so with you on the pumpkin. I had a pumpkin latte last night... yummy!

shelly b said...

Hey Morgan! I'm so with you on the chuck bass thing. and i haven't seen the new Nylon...but i will love that too. if you email me your addy i can send some stuff for a basket or something--if you want. see ya.

Vee said...

good luck with planning the charity crop, so nice of you! lovin' fall shopping as well! :)