Thursday, January 22, 2009

i'm good, i'm (almost) gone

so i've been running around like crazy getting ready to leave for cha tomorrow (well i guess today, legally, eek!). some of you may know this about me, but i love to have things perfectly set up when it comes to stuff like this and pretty much love any excuse to label, make lists & create organizational systems. so, before every show i make myself a little notebook to keep all my notes, booth listings (alphabetical & by booth #)  and any items i need to remember to re-order at the show all in one place. anyway, here's my little notebook for this years winter show, gotta love that bind-it-all!

ooh! i also wanted to share my most recent workout mix for all you peeps with the wii fit, or any sort of workout plan, i guess. this is the latest draft of what i listen to when i'm doing the "30 minute free step". it's just over 30 minutes, and it starts slow, gets more upbeat and then winds back down so you aren't dieing by the end. i usually do nerdy little moves like changing my lead foot & knee lifts during the faster parts of the upbeat songs so that i get the most out of it.  just make sure you are listening to the bass beat on a lot of the tracks or you'll end up going too fast for the balance board to properly read your steps. for the most part though i don't really worry about going to fast for it because it's about the workout you're getting, not the end "score" or whatevs. anyway, here it is;

01. "walking" by the dodos
02. "i'm good, i'm gone" by lykke li
03. "sunrise" by yeasayer
04. "i don't wanna be in love" by good charlotte (yeah, i said good charlotte.)
05. "get myself into it" by the rapture
06. "shut up and let me go" by the ting tings
07. "pot kettle black" by tilly and the wall
08. "electric feel" by mgmt
09. "for emma" by bon iver

a little random, but it totally works. i'm sure i'll need a brand new one in a couple of weeks, but for the time being, this is one is totally doing it for me.

anyway, i'm off to finish up the packing i can do tonight, dvr all my shows for the week, and then it's off to sleep, if i can stop making lists in my head that is! my flight leaves at 5:30 tomorrow evening so i still have time! i'm not sure what form it will be in yet, but i'll definitely be blogging from the show, promise!

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jen renee said...

love your play list and have fun!