Saturday, January 24, 2009

i'm in the o.c. but where's seth cohen?

so, i've arrived at cha all safe and sound! man is that 6 hour flight more than a little boring! i got into the hotel around 9ish and unpacked right away, i totally have to like move in to a hotel room, i hate that living out of a suitcase feeling! the "closet" is full, the bathroom counter is covered and my work station is all good to go. and yes, i am a total nerd. i had a killer quesadilla, a sierra nevada and went to bed early, well early for west coast time, and had an odd time with the feeling of this huge king size bed. at one point i woke up sleeping on it sideways, there's something really disconcerting about sleeping on a perfect square!

my slow morning consisted of  watching "jumper", doing a little preemptive class planning so that i know what to order extras of and going over my notes for the show via text message with dawn. then i headed over to the convention center, making a quick stop at the starbucks in the hilton on my way. much to my excitement they had the hot cup sleeves i need for my class next month, and the barista was nice enough to give me a bunch of them! anyway, i got my pass printed, it's best to beat the rush there will be tomorrow morning, grabbed some of the catalogs that were out on the literature spinny thing and then sat outside enjoying the palm trees for a little while. you just can't beat some palm tree shade in january, it does my state of mind good!

so, right now i'm trying to decide where to have dinner before i head over to the s.e.i. presentation party and then it's time for some more notes and resting up for the first day of the show tomorrow! i should have some way more exciting posts after tomorrow! 


shahnnen said...

oooh, i am super jelly that you're at CHA. but, I guess I'll just have to read all about it from up here in rainy portland. boo. i totally know what you mean about the organization part of stuff-- i'm SO ocd 'bout that stuff-- esp. travel stuff.
you should so work on moving here-- i have a wii fit, too. we should connect our wiis online.

Aimee said...

oh i wish i could go one year! all that scrappy stuff in one place :) and all the people you get to meet!

ashley sue said...

when you get back from this mysterious CHA, you should come to the less mystifying philadelphia!

and, i demand more crafty photographs!

Nicole Carro said...

Glad you had such an awesome time. I miss palm trees :(