Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the new little miss in my life.

that little lady over there is little miss emma burd! marykate and i have been friends for so long that we're pretty much sisters, and we defenitly act like it, so we've decided that emma is my pretty much niece, haha. 

it's been so fun spoiling her with adorable outfits, little boots and her very first hoodie. she's over 2 months old now and marykate & i were hanging out at my house finishing her announcements the day this photo was taken, hence the sweatpants and bad hair, oops. 

yes, 2 months post-birth is probs a little late, but it was worth the wait because the announcements turned out really cute, if i do say so myself.

marykate's married name is burd, which makes my creative life very easy when it comes to making things for her, cori and now miss emma. i.e. "the burds have a new nest" "love burds" and most importantly, "there's a new burd in the nest!" i know, i know! supreme cheese, but it is supreme cheese that is supremely necessary!  

so for emma's birth announcements i used the adorable bird paper from basic grey's "urban prairie" collection with a little touch of pink patterned matting. the little egg shaped photo of emma tucked into the nest is actually a magnet when you pull it out. squee! (sorry!) anyway, of course they needed the embellished envelope touch, so i used my favorite memory box stamp  (the branch with nest is mounted regularly & the bird is mounted on the side of the woodmount, genius!) for the fronts of the envelopes. 

marykate sent them out this past week so hopefully we'll hear some feedback about them pretty soon, but in the mean time i'll share them here! what do you think?


jen renee said...

Awwwwe! She's so sweet and i LOVE the announcement! egg + bird/burd + nest = so perfect.

CUTEness everywhere.

Vee said...

awww, they are so cute Morgan!! :)

cheiron said...

Morgan glad to see you back on blog!!! Love the announcements-they are so clever and cute!