Thursday, March 5, 2009

nerd alert!

so you all know i'm a bit of an organization nerd, but i think i've reached a new level. i've been going a little crazy trying to find the perfect storage method for all my "dew drop" sized ink pads. i originally had them in flat plastic containers organized by ink types, but i was running out of room and finding it annoying to get them out from under each other and all that business. plus, they took up too much space on the table. so, i've been looking for a container with a handle that could easily sit on the table, without taking up too much space, and display them in such a way that i can actually see all the colors i have. 

so, during a trip to target to stalk the orla kiely goodies i found these guys. they actually come in sets of 4, but are totally stackable. this set up is 3 sets (the bottom layer of each set is a divided compartment that i put aside and made into a separate stack for all my staz on ink pads). this holds all 80ish of the versamagic, brilliance & memento dew drop sized ink pads, and the bottom layer houses my basic black full sized ink pads. it's footprint is about 6 inches square and the handle is clutch for traveling purposes. plus, each set of containers was $4.99, i think? so, to sum it up, i'm totally in love! i am a happy inky girl!

p.s. if you are looking for another adorable storage method, the orla kiely cd holder boxes totally work perfectly to store your card packs in! i'm not saying, i'm just saying!

anyway, i just got done making a bunch of mix cd's for a friend so i'll start sharing those and their track lists tomorrow. promise!

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cheiron said... are back. Love your inky storage.