Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oh yeah... i blog.

so, to sum up the past few months, i've been working, movie-going, rocking, shopping, creating, reading & a bunch of other things, but i was definitely not blogging, or even keeping up with people's blogs for that matter. sorry guys! (if anyone still reads this.)

anyway, this is what my table at home looked like on sunday. i have a new work form home day that i'm totally loving. and since i'm heading into philly tommorow, which would be my normal work from home day, i switched it to sunday. at this point i was taking a little break from class prep to check on the status of some orders and search for more cha release sneak peeks (has anyone else noticed that there really haven't been many this show?)  

ooh! and that's my brandy-new macbook aluminum in the photo, which i am on as we speak and still totally adjusting too! there are a few things i miss from my pc days (y'know like last week) like cutting and pasting and ms paint, which although a little ghetto, got me where i needed to go, haha. i'm really excited that's it's nice and light and it will be so much easier to travel with than the 20 pound dell.

speaking of travel, i leave for the winter cha show in anaheim friday evening and i'm kind of nowhere near ready. eek! or at least i don't feel ready. i'm probably closer than i think. i'm definitely curious about a lot of the manufacturers that haven't given any sort of peaks. i was thinking about doing a little video blogging from cha, but i'm not quite sure about that yet. i did a little test "filming" today and i'm a little spazzy and not very articulate, haha. but maybe i'll get used to it. who knows if anyone would even watch, haha.

well, i'm off to have my lean cuisine before the my class starts. i'm teaching the first of two sessions of "maximizing your 6 x 6 paper pads" heavy stuff, i know, haha. you can kind of peak the samples in that photo up there. : ) 

i promise to be a better blogger! 


Aimee said...

you can do cut/paste on your macbook. it's command "c" for cut & command "v" for paste.

miss morgan... said...

thanks, i've jsut been dragging stuff onto my destop and then over to where i want it, but that works too. thanks!

Anonymous said...

yay! you're back! I was beginning to think all my blog friends were leaving for facebook :) I totally did the same thing. Have fun at cha!

Vee said...

have fun at cha and if you go to the help file in finder it type coomands it will list all of yout shortcut commands. once you get used to it you will love it! I will miss hanging with you, but hoping to go to cha in July! :) xo

Aimee said...

oh i forgot to ask-where did you get the typewriter cover vinyl for your mac? i found one place online but i'm looking for more sources. thanks!