Saturday, March 7, 2009

is it spring yet?

is it spring yet?
a miss morgan mix

01. "my girls" by animal collective
02. "teen angst" by m83
03. "feel. love. thinking. of." by faunts
04. "each year" by ra ra riot
05. "hanging marionette" by the appleseed cast
06.  "hurry up let's go" by the shout out louds
07. "daylight" by matt & kim
08. "no one will know" by bella
09. "night majestic" by au revoir simone
10.  "we're from barcelona" by i'm from barcelona
11. "rain" by bishop allen
12. "for the price of a cup of tea" by belle & sebastian
13. "in the morning" by the coral
14. "shine a light" by wolf parade
15. "use somebody" by kings of leon
16. "don't look away" by the helio sequence


Beth said...

oh how i have missed the playlists.
love this one.
i'll prob be posting one next week, myself!

Rhi said...

that ^^^ was me...

Anonymous said...

use somebody is a great song!