Friday, March 6, 2009

on & on

+ loving tumblr! the stuff that people share is just completely stellar. i have to stop myself from heart-ing just about every post because there is just so much inspiration out there in the collective creative community! this mosaic is a little me and a lot collected from some of my favorite tumblr ladies;  jasmine , eyeswideopen and others. i am a bit confused about how to use it. i don't feel like i completely get it yet. sometimes i really wish i could just comment on someones post instead of re-blogging it, but it's fine. i'll get there.

+ the colors in that "close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go" piece up there are so what i am loving right now and i'm lucky enough to have an awesomely talented dude friend in my life who i could just ichat and say, "i want this text square re-done with my blog title and while you're at it can you figure out the hexadecimal colors for me so i can rock out my blog" and like 5 minutes later, done. now i want to live in my blog. steve, thanks for totes killin' it!

+ umm.... i've been reading in the woods by tana french for like EVER now! it's not that it's bad, because it's definitely good, it's just a little too creepy at time to be read before sleepy times, which is when i do most of my reading. anyway, i thought it might help if i have a new book that's next up to bat, y'know? so, i went to borders the other day to find one and that place looks like a ghost town of book. there is like nothing on the shelves, it's a little scary! so, all i ended up buying was wreck this journal  and some owl stickers, haha. any book suggestions for me? make them good!

+ the time has come for me to start saving money like a crazy lady to pay for the major tattoo itch i've got growing right now. i've been wanting a full on 3/4 sleeve full of julie west loveliness for a while now, but it has always seemed pretty daunting as a whole. but i have just discovered the perfect piece to start with and so now i'm dieing to make it happen! i think i might be able to pull off an early april appointment if i save my money from teaching this month. nevertheless, i want it now!

+ also majorly craving some items that i have neither the energy nor funds to procure such as the sweet granita bag & the movement of waves bag from anthropologie. anyone care to be my benefactor? i also would still like my helicopter pilots liscense and now also want to go to stunt driver school, if for no other reason than to see what happens when you do crazy things while driving, but without the pesky dieing part! anyone? anyone? no? fine.


jen renee said...

LOVE the sweet granita bag! and i too am taking the plunge and getting a pretty decent sized tattoo on my arm very soon. just have to do a tiny bit more convincing on the husband who isn't 100% keen on the placement. ;)

jenny said...

I read "in the woods" last summer. It is a pretty good read.
Glad you are back blogging. :)

Beth said...

YES. i love tumblr too.
and yes. i don't understand it either.
i can't wait to see the tatt. i am still building up the courage for the first one!

i'm glad you are blogging :)

oh, and,
the disreputable history of frankie landau-banks.
the book of a thousand days.
paper towns.

i have been on a major YA kick. but these were all completely briliant.
esp. the 1st 2. YA feminist fiction perfection.

Rhi said...

oh crap.
that comment up there was me, mo. and the one on the playlist post.
i'm signed in as a friend by mistake!
rhi x