Friday, July 10, 2009

a little seasonally mixed up

a muse a palooza photo strip

so a muse a palooza officially starts today! that means that there is a ton of awesome brand new holiday and christmas stamps at the store, not to mention the hyperventilation inducing 8.5x11 sheets of woodgrain! that also means that i was baking christmas cupcakes like a crazy lady wednesday night, guess that's one of the few hazards of working in a crafty industry! but, it's one i can live with. 

now, and i am aware this is a little backwards from christmas cupcakes, on to my summer to do list! summer has a tendency to get away from me so maybe if i have a list i'll remember to enjoy it (yes, i am aware this is sad)

this summer i want to...

* go to at least one imax movie (most likely this will be harry potter)
* ride a great big upside down loopy roller coaster 
* road trip across a state line, ny & pa don't count!
* join the fancy schmancy gym near work and go 4 days a week
* go camping
* hit a philly roof deck party
* head down the shore for the weekend
* crazy, sweaty dance night (7hundred club, khyber or sal's) with nikki
* tubing down the delaware, i know it's gross but i've never done it!
* not cut my hair, see how long it will get by fall without me losing my mind
* keep up with blogging and uploading crafty stuff to the internet
* plan & book a trip to a different country (trip can happen post summer)
* wear a dress or skirt at least twice a week
* read pride & prejudice and a couple other classics i've missed
* manage to actually go bowling instead of just talking about it
* seek out more photo booths with the original style photo strips
* go to at least 5 shows
* plan a charity crop for the fall
* make a themed mix or two every month

anyone want to help me out with any of these?


jenn shurkus said...

happy a*muse*a*palooza!!

heyjenrenee said...

i would like to assist you in a road trip. even though that would be hard since we live too far apart. guess it will have to be themed mixes for now. ;)

kristi said...

so basically :

brooklyn may as well be a different country, and that could also count as a state line road trip too, and there are so many fucking photobooths just begging to be desecrated...

and duh, we can wear dresses and make mixes while we chill. so this means. hurry. up.

Erin said...

Dave and I are in the middle of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when you're ready to borrow it. I also have two dreamy movie versions!

Vee said...

i concur with kristi! we all need to do this in sort of fashion together :)