Friday, January 1, 2010

friday five #11 - 5 new year goals

i don't really want to use the word "resolutions" because those seem to always get broken, so i'll just call these goals, or thing i want to try to do/improve upon in 2010.

01. names - i am the absolute worst at remembering names, and i know it comes across like people are unimportant when i forget, so it's def on the to-work-on-list. i need some of those tricks people use, whose got 'em?

02. politics - i used to follow politics so much more closely when i was 21, 22, 23 but lately i haven't been paying much attention unless it's a presidential election year. i want to start educating myself about local and international politics on a daily basis, and i really, really want to start voting in every election, not just the presidentials.

03. yoga - i like how i felt when i was doing wii fit yoga 6 days a week. this year i'd like to get a little closer to yoga shape on the wii fit, and then start going to actual yoga classes to learn some real deal yoga.

04. birthday cards - considering my line of work, it's pretty ridic that i manage to send a grand total of maybe 2 birthday cards a year. this year you're all gettin' 'em, so get your birthdays to me.

05. donating - considering how easy it is, i think it's really important to donate blood, and i really want to get in a good cycle of donating, especially before my next tattoo. i also want to join the national bone marrow registry in the next month or so. the marrow procedure is so much less scary than it used to be and you could save a life!


jenn shurkus said...

hear hear on number 4... PATHETIC.. i manage a store, teach a zillion CARDMAKING classes.. and those closest to me... dont get handmade cards from me....

LAME.... i'll be with you on this one.. maybe we can check up on one another ;)

happy new year!

BRANDY said...

I like to call them intentions. Not completely commited that way. Happy 2010 with your goals or intentions or what ever they may be.