Thursday, August 26, 2010

friday five #35

friday five #35

01. that cee lo single - you know the one. i'm not going to say it. (click at your own risk and not at work, i warned you) it's killing me that i can't download it yet! it's so flipping catchy and you can't help but sing it, no matter how inappropriate it may be in certain places, haha. in the meantime, i'm listening to his single off the eclipse soundtrack a lot too.

02. the next e.i. - i wish i hadn't said every two weeks, i've got a whole bunch of "elsewhere inspiration" saved up and i could really be doing one a week. but, until next wednesday i will quench my thirst with this weeks dare. perfection.

03. ohemgeejaybells - k facebooked this earlier this week and it's inspiring a whole new house party hopes mix (albeit a delayed new roost edition). it's not perfectly, perfectly timed, but it's pretty yummy nonetheless. "dirt on your crown" & "izzo rhythm" are my favorites.

04. triple fringe - true, i have been lusting after these since last fall, but i feel like this summer into autumn time of year is the perfect time to knab a pair of these are start rocking them. if not now, when? i'm totally prepared to catch $#!T for them, but i just always feel sassier in a goof pair of boots, which is why i'm also currently lusting after these and/or these and umm... these too (even though they're a little bit totally straight up tranny).

05. get him to the roost - totally planning a super nerdy, super cheesy viewing party for the dvd release of "get him to the greek" complete with invites, party favors and themed food & drink. that's right. you best be coming, or i will sergio you.

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k said...

that delicious typography and song have prevented me from killing myself a number of times in the last few weeks. ooo ooo oooo.