Wednesday, September 1, 2010

elsewhere inspiration #2

call your folks e.i. #2
this little picture has been kicking around in my "inspire me" iphoto folder for a long, long time now. i'm pretty sure it was either kicking around tumblr, or on rachel denbow's blog, or both. anyway. love the colors. love the simplicity. love the central composition.

ready to start
so, here's my little take on it, using a ton of the new mme "alphabet soup" which is supposed to be a kids collection, but the colors are completely where i'm at right now. this was a little accidental snapshot while i was outside photographing layouts one day and i'm loving the forward motion. it's exciting to be starting this whole new aspect of my life, moving forward, stepping up to a new challenge because it's time and it's love and i'm ready to start.

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marge said...

Morgan I love the layout