Friday, September 3, 2010

friday five #36

friday five #36

01. skins volume 1 - tumblr has been all atwitter (or should that be "atumblr"?) about skins for like ever so when we finally got our netflix on demand on wii all hooked up in the new place i thought i'd give it a try. here are my thoughts so far, volume 1 was pretty entertaining, but i could have gone without the jumping-the-shark type ending to the final episode, and i have to say that so far i'm 2 episodes into volume 2 and i'm just not that into it. am i missing something? is it going to get back to better?

02. anthro sale - ohmygosh the newest batch of anthro sale items are insane! all those necklaces (chunky, ribboned or bibbed) that we've all be lusting after, 29.95. earrings i've had on my wishlist for a little while now,9.95. plus a couple of tops, a skirt, a cardigan and bunch of other cuteness are all headed my way. here's to hoping that a bunch of it isn't quite right so my bank account can get a little return relief. : / oops.

03. last years mixes - i've been feeling a little uninspired when it comes to new mixes lately so i've been mostly revisiting ones from the past year or so, and i have to say, my "falling leaves & an autumn breeze" mix from last year was seriously killin' it on my way into work this morning.

04. little squares - i am currently crazily lusting after the brand new nano from apple. love the touch screen and graphics, love the colors, love that it has a clip and want to drool all over it's perfect little square shape. in a dream world someone buys it for me with something cute engraved on the back and i use it at the gym every morning, haha. yeah right.

05. emmy opener - just watch it.

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